January 18, 2024


Thanks for being willing to pray!

Susan and I have been at a debriefing retreat this week. It is designed to help missionaries who are going through transition or difficult circumstances to better handle the changes. We are thankful for our time here.

Tuesday I (Jim) travel to Sierra Leone, arriving Wednesday evening. I will be there until February 4. I will be meeting the leaders of the Bible Society of Sierra Leone and will be working with the Mende translation team to go over their translation of 2 Samuel.
Please pray:
1)    Thank God for our time at the retreat and pray that we would be successful in applying what we have learned from it.
2)    Pray for safe travel to and from Sierra Leone, and for travel inside the country.
3)    I will be taking four laptops with me for the translation teams there. Pray that there will not be problems going through customs.
4)    Pray that good relationships will be developed with the Bible Society leadership and with the Mende translation team.
5)    Pray for good health for me and the Mende team while we are together.
6)    Pray that the Holy Spirit will give us all wisdom and insight as we go over 2 Samuel together.

Thanks for praying!

God bless,

Jim and Susan Kaiser
Translation Consultant
Lutheran Bible Translators